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sorry to mAkE you wAiting还是?

正解:Sorry to make you wait for me=Sorry for making you wait for me sorry to make you waiting的错误在于,make sb do,make 后面用原形 sorry for make you waiting 的错误除了wait 误用waiting 外,还有for后面接名词或者动词的ing形式。

没有从句成分 是一个简单句,动词就是 am sorry for, 也就是 be sorry for 而 be sorry for 后面跟名词或者动名词 所以这里是making you wait for so long 是动名词短语 而 make sb do sth (就是你所说的 make you wait )

我的前半生插曲 seem so real

Alive- Krewella Let's make this fleeting moment last forever So, tell me what you're waiting for? I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever, ...

有误,应该是:Wait for me and I will make you happy. 等着我,我会让你幸福的。 句型:祈使句+and+陈述句:如果......的话,......。这里的祈使句含有条件的意思。

If you wanna try me on Don't think we're together I change like the weather If you wanna try me on Stop the conversating Don't you keep me waiting I admit it You did it You got me feeling something kind of vicious Delicious But...

A doing指动作正在发生或持续进行.to do不定式的一般式指动作尚未发生.

I'm waiting for you at the crossroads, but you're 我在十字路口等你,但你是

stop waiting for things to happen,go out and make them happen. 停止等待事情发生,出去让它们发生。 go out:出去;辞职;下台 例句: 1.'I've repeatedly told him to go out with other people, ' she said in an interview. “我不断告诉...

Sitting here just staring at your picture Waiting for your call So unclear, I'm hanging on a notion We could have it all Time and time again you tell me to be patient But we can't let love slip away Baby, don't make me wait for...

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