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olD Enough 和Enough olD的区别

enough 修饰形容词或副词时要放在后面,所以正确的是 old enough 没有 enough old 这种用法

enough old是错的 old enough是对的 enough只能放在形容词后面 enough跟名词才是可前可后 另外 too much 与much too的区别及用法 too much中的中心词是“much”,后面跟不可数名词,意思是“太多的……”.too是用来加强much语气的. much too中的中心词是...

old enough意思 足够老 例句 1 Back off, Mom, I'm old enough to make my own decisions! 你别管,妈妈,我已经能够自己作决定了! 2 She was old enough to absent herself from the lunch table if she chose. 她长大了,可以自己做主不来吃...

只有old enough 没有enough old。 因为enough只能放在形容词后面 enough跟名词才是可前可后

old enough是形容年龄的,意思是年龄足够大。 而用enough修饰形容词放在形容词后...反正没学过enough,修饰名词放前面,如enough money

都对呀,只是用在不同的情景罢了 old enough 用于年龄 足够大 big enough 用于空间足够大 如 He is old enough to look after himself. The room is big enough to hold five hundred people.


一般是修饰词在enough前面 big enough 足够大(面积) old enough足够大(年龄) eg. The box is big enough to put into all the clothes here. 这个箱子(足够大)可以放进这里所有的衣服。 The litter girl is old enough to go to school. ...

old enough是形容年龄的,意思是年龄足够大。 big enough是形容规模、形状的。For example:This class is big enough. 这间教室足够大。

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