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歌曲名:I Never Knew 歌手:Peggy Lee 专辑:Love Songs Gloria Gaynor I Never Knew ( 2002 US 5-track promo CD Single ) It's really been a long time Since I let somebody hold me Since I felt safe in somebody's arms, emm emm You were ...

we are never ever getting together是这首。你去听一下。高潮是we are never ever ever

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if i never knew you 如果我从未遇见你 if i never felt this love 如果我从未感受过这份爱 i would have no inkling ofhow precious life can be 我就不会知道生命如此珍贵 and if i never held you 如果我从未拥有你 i would never have a clu...

是Back In Time 歌手:V.V. Brown 所属专辑:Travelling Like The Light I never knew a love could make me feel this way I'm praying that I'll see another light of day Because you got me falling on my beggin' knees I'm asking for a ...

Whataya Want From Me Adam Lambert Hey' slow it down What do you want from me What do you want from me Yeah' I'm afraid What do you want from me What do you from me There might have been a time I would give myself away Ooh once ...

jim brickman 的 destiny 试听地址

you‘ll just never know? 估计不是==

歌曲名:She Never Knew Me 歌手:Don Williams 专辑:当.威廉姆斯 纪念版 She never know me 第一次自己做歌词,很兴奋哦 送给我美丽的女友——薪 来自~~oT鱼 She packed up her suitcase and walked to the door She said she won’t come back like...

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