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i Am writing to you

我在替某人写信给你 for之后要写替谁 I am writing to you = 我在写信给你 for某人 = 替某人

应该不可以 因为that不能随便用在句子后面再接另一个句子 可以修改为 I’m writing to you,hoping that+句子 这时that后的句子就是作为hope的宾语从句 而hoping作为整个句子的伴随状语

我写信是来表达对您的付出的感激之情。 注:直译为“我写信是为了向您表达我对您所做的事的感谢。”

小题1:day 改为days 小题1: think改为thinking 小题1:for改为of 小题1:such后加a小题1: many改为much 小题1: enjoy改为enjoyed 小题1: 去掉them 小题1:kind改为kindness小题1: 正确 小题1: pleased改为pleasant 略

Dear Tom, I am writing to tell you how to deal with study pressure. As∧high school student, time seems very a much limited. Therefore, a ten-minute break is very However important. As the saying go, “All work but no play goes m...

小题1:interesting →interested小题2:去掉be 或become小题3:a →an小题4:but →and小题5:has →have小题6:year →years小题7:free →freely 小题8:introduced →introduce小题9:accepted →be accepted小题10:receive →receiving 试题分析:本文是一封...

小题1: anything→something小题2:come→came小题3:but→so小题4:me前面的to→for小题5:in后的the去掉小题6: much→ many小题7: more→most小题8: opinion后加s小题9:high→highly小题10:writing→write 试题分析:小题1:句意:我写信告诉你关于我大学...

i am writing to invite you to my welcome party.是什么意思 我写信邀请你参加我的欢迎聚会。

I am writing to tell you that we intend to climb. 我正在写信告诉你,我们打算去攀登(爬山)。 I 主语。am writing 谓语。to tell you不定式做状语。that we intend to climb 是to tel的宾语从句。

I am writing to you to express my thanks for your help in learning English and speaking English.During these days in your class, I have learned much...

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