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burdensome [英][ˈbɜ:dnsəm][美][ˈbɜ:rdnsəm] adj. 累赘; 繁重的,烦累的,难以承担的; 双语例句 1 The load was too burdensome. 工作量过于繁重。

我写几个要点吧,你发挥一下: Technoloys made our lifes easier rather than burdensome, e.g: 1) It would be much easier and convenient to travel around with GPS system. 2) Internet, as a fruit out of technology, has made life mor...

l really didnt know your empty place would be so burdensome.. I miss you..) 我真的不知道你的空的地方会如此繁重的. .我想念你. .)

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