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参考答案如下: 1. too old to learn 2. so as not to 3. as well as me 4. what to do next 5. Five minutes earlier 6. admire him for 助你愉快学习!

on sale 这些是待销的衣服,它们十分的便宜。 do my best 我将尽我最大的努力去学好英语。 in order to 他们举办这个美食节,是为了给乡村的学校筹集资金。 ask for 当你碰到困难的时候,请求助于你的老师。 come up with 在这个会议上他为筹钱...


What colour computer game lost and found

1, Amy's

I want to know whether Found she was arounded

match your shirt. take a look at the stamps this year. some dreams different from Millie's. costs me 100 Yuan. don't have enough money for the purse. Perhaps I could borrow some from Andy.

你好 too late to become a person who play happily in the park used all of the money which It's my honor

C A G F B 望采纳~!


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