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以下资源仅供参考: 完成句子答案(共10分,每小题2分) 一, 根据中文意思完成句子。 70. 该吃晚饭了。 ___________________________________ supper. 71. 春天来了,咱们去植树吧。 Spring is coming. __________________to plant trees. 72. ...

参考答案如下: 1. too old to learn 2. so as not to 3. as well as me 4. what to do next 5. Five minutes earlier 6. admire him for 助你愉快学习!

为你解答。 1、People think highly of him, is chosen to 2、decide to play the violin at 3、is open for children under 12 4、Everyone wants to get the ticket for 5、Since, suggested going to buy 6、because the traffic must be ver...

脱口秀中有一些对于名人的采访 there are Some of the talk shows have an interview with famous people。 她想知道今晚会现场直播什么比赛 She wonders what game will be on the scene tonight.

match your shirt. take a look at the stamps this year. some dreams different from Millie's. costs me 100 Yuan. don't have enough money for the purse. Perhaps I could borrow some from Andy.

46, drink; whole; was; thirsty 47, Whose daughter is that polite girl? 48, hard-working; can't remember all 49, want to; fresh enough

今天必须在家里照顾我妹妹。 I have to take care of my sister at home today. 汤姆,你能和我们一起踢足球吗? Tom, can you play football with us? 今天下午我将去上钢琴课。 I'm going to have a piano lesson this afternoon. 今天我去看...

一is doing 一is doing her 一so much rules 一Why are 一have much time for 一How far live from

There must have been an old temple at the foot of the hill 50 years ago, wasn't there? 陈述部分用must(may, might) + have + V-ed表示推测时,若句中带有明显的过去时间的状语,问句部分动词用过去时形式;若句中没有带明显的过去时间的状...

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