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Unit 1 ☆young (年轻的) ☆funny (滑稽可笑的) ☆tall (高的) ☆strong (强壮的)☆kind (和蔼的、亲切的) ☆old (年老的) ☆short (矮的) ☆thin (瘦的) ☆Mr (先生) ☆like (像、喜欢) ☆strict (严格的) ☆smart (聪明的、巧妙的...

This little girl can't write. The boy can't find his pen. This woman can't see well. I can't clean the room. 希望对你有帮助,满意请及时采纳, 你的采纳是我回答的动力!

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我上五年级 I'm in grade five 英 [faɪv] 美 [faɪv] num. 五,五个; 与某人击掌问候(或庆祝胜利); 第五; n. 五,五个; 5美元钞票; [板]得五分; adj. 五的; 五个的;


Many years ago, before I moved to the city, I lived in a small town. I was so close to the nature, I could see the mountain and the clear water. I remember the town became especially beautiful after the heavy rain, the air was ...

第一单元 Story time 我们有一位新体育老师!真的吗?他长得什么样子?他长得又高又强壮吗?我不知道,他原来是一个足球运动员。他很高很强壮,那是一定的。射门!啊!我没有接住!我可以加入你们吗?你又瘦又矮。你会踢足球吗?让我试试吧。10 ...



Unit 1:What's he like ? Unit 2:My week. Unit 3:What would like ? Recycle 1 Unit 4:What can you do ? Unit 5:There is a big bed. Unit 6:In a nature park. Recycle 2

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