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Joey: What's a matter Ross? What you're nervous about your speech?Ross: No! Do you wanna hear it?Joey: Am I in it?Ross: Uh, huh. Yeah, right after I thank everyone for giving money to the museum, I sing a song about the wonder ...

先建议看看《六人行》也叫《老友记》如果太难就看一些小学英语教材,类似《剑桥英语》等先给你一个,你看看加了一个机器翻译的,我还没来得急核对错误,但大体还能看懂…看看我新给你找的,我觉得挺好的几篇理查德:对不起。 1我的名字是2理查德...

那是《走遍美国》(Family Album U.S.A.)。在优酷、土豆网上都可以在线观看。

A:hey, dude, next monday is my birthday. B:wow, super! Are you gonna throw a party? A:sure thing. And I hope you can come. Are you free next monday? B:Of couse. I`ll be there. And I`ll bring you a bottle of champagne. Hey, have...

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